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FarPoint's Spread for Windows Forms  Rating=4.00 out of 5 stars
The new Windows Forms edition of FarPoint's popular Spread grid/spreadsheet component focuses on making it easy for you to develop applications so your users can easily view and update their tabular data. The Multiple Sheets feature allows you to categorize your information similar to Microsoft Excel. The intuitive Spread Designer allows for quick adding of data and designing the look of the component with no extra coding. You can also use Spread in Bound mode to connect to your favorite data source to display and edit information. Display data in hierarchical or flat view, and set up display in multiple panes and let your users customize their own pane view. Programmatically sort data by rows, columns, a range of rows, a range of columns or a range of cells. Or, allow your users to easily auto sort columns simply by clicking on the column header. And you can use Spread's 200 built-in functions or create your own custom functions for Spread's advanced Calc Engine to evaluate.

Spreadsheet Products
FarPoint's Spread  (ActiveX/Component/Spreadsheet)
- An Advanced Grid/Spreadsheet Control
- From $113 to $436.5

Farpoint's Spread for .NET Bundle  (.Net/Component/Spreadsheet)
- Spread for Windows Forms and Spread for Web Forms Bundle.
- From $310.5 to $1732.5

FarPoint's Spread for Web Forms  (.Net/Component/ASP.Net/Spreadsheet)
- Offers Intuitive Customer Usability in an ASP.NET Grid
- From $179 to $1156.5

FarPoint's Spread for Windows Forms  Rating=4.00 out of 5 stars (.Net/Component/Spreadsheet)
- Professional Grid/Spreadsheet for .NET Development
- From $314.01 to $1220.56

FlexCel Studio for .NET 
- Suite for Excel and PDF file and Excel and PDF report generation for Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005
- From $175 to $691