FlexCel Studio for .NET

Suite for Excel and PDF file and Excel and PDF report generation for Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005

From TMS Software

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Generates Excel files from WinForms, WebForms ASP.NET, PocketPC applications, webservices on the fly and fast with FlexCel Studio for .NET Native .NET components (no additional OLE/dlls required) allowing to read, create and modify native Excel (XLS) files without needing to have Excel installed. Supported Excel 97 file formats and up.

Native PDF file export Completely written in C# 100% managed code, with no interop and no p/invokes. Runs on .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, Mono and the .NET Compact Framework. Templates can be stored inside your executable file, in a database or in any place from where you can access it as a stream. Extensive API is available with which you can programmatically write and read files, with basic formatting info, images comments, etc. While creating reports, you have more options available and you can use images/comments/conditional formats/merged cells/pivot tables/charts and almost the complete Excel 2000 feature set.

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FlexCel Studio for .NET Version 4
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FlexCel Studio for .NET Single Developer License with Source Code
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FlexCel Studio for .NET Site License with Source Code
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