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Rating=5.00 out of 5 starsChadBiggerstaff, 6/15/2006 6:31:36 PM

This suite is amazing. I started off buying the VB edition via an XDN discount and later needed to get the SSL version as well so I went with the Red Carpet Subscription. This has been one of the best programming purchases I have made. The tools are easy to use as well as there are several examples. Thanks to having the red carpet subscription I've been able to accept several projects I wouldn't have had time to complete had I needed to code the web communications from scratch. The tools have been solid and I haven't had any bug issues. I've used the SSL, SSH, FTP, HTMLMailer, FileMailer, RSS, Webform, and Zip controls. Every single one has met all my needs. I used the SSL version to automate data entry on a secure credit agency site. It allowed me to encrypt the communications (SSL) and talk with the server. I hit the java applet I needed passing the variables I set and got back the results drawing them with the .net IE control. With SSH I utilized SFTP downloading and moving files on a remote server - I was thrilled I was able to move the files versus having to download and re-upload them. With FTP I backed up data to an ftp server. The HTMLMailer I utilize all the time to send programmatic emails. Filemailer I used today for the first time - the great thing about these components is that the properties are consistent across the suite so I immediately knew (was even able to copy and paste) what to code to get going then utilized the extra addattachment option. RSS I utilized to parse an rss feed to show dynamic content on one of my websites and then I also use it to generate/save my own rss xml data file. Much easier than just doing so with xml classes. The Webform I utilize to get info from websites and post data back to them. The zip I used for the first time today - much easier than Xceed's zip component I had used previously. Worked great without a hitch. I strongly recommend this suite to anyone wanting to program an application for the web.