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TreeView an ActiveX control that displays a hierarchical list of node objects, each of which consists of a label and a bitmap. TreeView was written in VB6 and is meant as an alternative to the MS Treeview control which comes with Visual Basic, not a drop-in replacement. TreeView is a lot easier to implement than other treeviews, as it does not require objects to be set to access node items. You can access each node item's properties directly from the OCX interface. TreeView allows the user to collapse and expand all the nodes at once, and also allows the user to pick the standard bitmaps or attach custom ones.

Features and Benefits:
Easier to implement than other treeviews (i.e. MS Treeview.) Use standard or custom bitmaps for folders and items. Can collapse or expand all folders at once or a selected folder. Can turn on/off bitmap, checkboxes, connecting lines, and plus/minus signs. Allows items to be checked and also shows different color checkmark for folders with some or all child items checked. Multiple border styles. Multiple properties to change user interface including font, color, selectcolor, etc. Resizable at runtime.

Please Note:
Both Xtras.Net & have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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TreeView Version 1.8
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