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If you spend most of your time writing code for VB 6.0, Access/Office 2000, Access 2002/ Office XP and other VBA platforms, Total Visual Developer Suite, consisting of Total Visual SourceBook 2000 and Total Visual CodeTools, will significantly improve your productivity and eliminate headaches. Total Visual SourceBook 2000 includes a wide range of tested and consistently written code covering areas such as ADO, Jet 4.0, disk operations, error handling, compression, encryption, business day math, graphics, Internet, FTP, Outlook, Office 2000, string manipulation, the VB objects and environment. Total Visual CodeTools 2000 provides a robust set of 12 tools to help developers in the day-to-day development of VB code. Total Visual CodeTools 2000 covers everything from cleaning up inherited code to building the pieces of a robust and maintainable application.

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Both Xtras.Net & have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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Item Pricing and Availability for Total Visual Developer Suite

Total Visual Developer Suite
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
Total Visual Developer Suite 2002 Single License
Vendor Download  3-5 days  2000  $449   
Total Visual Developer Suite 2002 5-Pack
Vendor Download  3-5 days  18000  $1,349