Infragistics TestAdvantage for Windows Forms

Enable automated testing of the presentation layer!

From Infragistics, Inc.

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Problem Analysis

Enterprise development teams today rely on performing quality assurance testing across a wide range of IT and application environments to ensure their applications are designed and optimized for success. While automated testing tools addressing various stages of the application development lifecycle have been readily available in the past, developers building out the presentation layer or the user interface have not been able to take advantage of this high performance testing functionality.

Testing the presentation layer, which is often built with various plug-in tools that deliver essential functionality driving the application, has been painful due to the limited knowledge of the tool's object model by the automated testing tools. This scenario has often left developers either taking on the tedious task of writing custom code to test their applications or even not testing the presentation layer at all.

Thus the most important part of an application, the presentation layer, is left without regression testing or even basic user interface testing, leading to businesses taking the risk that their applications might fail.

The Solution

A true innovation in User Interface testing, Infragistics TestAdvantage for Windows Forms is a collection of Custom Libraries built for use within the testing environment. TestAdvantage enables automated testing of the presentation layer within your preferred testing IDE, allowing developers to fully regression test Windows Forms applications with user interfaces developed using Infragistics NetAdvantage. With these Custom Libraries, the Test Automation Engineer can quickly record and replay script commands for such applications instead of using generic mouse coordinates. Fast playback means more test scripts run in a given amount of time, which enables better test coverage of applications and ultimately higher quality software.

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