SharpUI for .NET

SharpUI for .NET Provides All The Components You Need To Match Today's Modern Applications.

From Data Dynamics, Ltd.

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SharpUI for .NET enables you to easily create professional user interfaces. SharpUI presents a complete toolkit of user interface controls to give your Visual Studio .NET applications a sharp and consistent look and feel. SharpUI provides Office 2003, OfficeXP, Office 2000, and Internet Explorer style menus and toolbars. It also offers an extensive set of data-bound input controls including an enhanced textbox with masked editing, date, time and color pickers, combo box, memo editing, calendars, and more. Panel controls such as an Outlook-style list bar, a Windows Explorer-style task bar, and a tab view control are also included. The included style manager allows a uniform look and feel to be easily created and maintained. SharpUI for .NET provides all the components you need to match today's modern applications.

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SharpUI for .NET Version 1.4
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SharpUI For .NET
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SharpUI For .NET Site License
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