ISIS Xpress

Control High-Speed ISIS Scanners

From Pegasus Imaging Corporation

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ISIS Xpress v3 combines the power of Pixel Translations’ latest release with Pegasus Imaging’s proven track record of excellence in delivering user-friendly SDKs to the document imaging market. Software developers can use this toolkit as a managed .NET control or COM component. The advanced features deliver configurable settings that developers can use to tailor instruction sets for each scanner they plan to use.

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Both Xtras.Net & have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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Item Pricing and Availability for ISIS Xpress Version 2

ISIS Xpress Version 2
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
ISIS Xpress v3 Client License
Vendor Download  1-2
280  $75   
Upgrade ISIS Xpress v2 to ISIS Xpress v3
Vendor Download  1-2
4320  $663   
ISIS® Xpress™ v3 Development Kit
Vendor Download  Same
7200  $939