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pinDocX is a conversion library that converts Word 2007 docx files to (X)HTML.

For conversion there is no Word 2007 required. Therefore it is perfectly suited for conversion on servers.

The generated HTML code is XHTML 1.1 compliant so that it can be easily used for web pages.

All of the special formattings that are generated from Word 2007 when saved as html are not included.

The library is available for .Net 3.0 (but there is also a version for .Net 2.0) and can also be used with COM/ActiveX. pinDocX includes a converter application with a simple user interface.

The converter supports the typical standard formattings as well as paragraphs, styles, tables. Images are extracted, links and anchors are supported as well as text fields and lists.

The generated file is utf-8 compatible so that all kind of international characters are supported.

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