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Add one or more custom menu items and sub-items to the Windows Explorer context menu that appears when the user right-clicks on files in Windows Explorer. Each menu item can appear based on the types of items selected in Explorer (files, folders, drives, or no items). For example, you can show a particular menu item for images only.

Each menu item can execute any command line, or any custom C# or VB.NET code using the normal Click handler. Many of the features available with normal menus are also available for your custom Explorer menus. Customize each Explorer menu item's font and colors or draw your own menu items with full OwnerDraw support.

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Mini-XMenus Version 3
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Mini-XMenus Developer License
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1000  $88   
Mini-XMenus Enterprise License
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80640  $443   
Mini-XMenus BluePrint License
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153280  $798