LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module

Add-on Module to LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK

From LEAD Technologies Inc.

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The LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module is perfect for developers who need to serve Video on Demand across the Internet or via Intranets, or create custom video conferencing applications and utilities. This new module offers an unsurpassed multimedia experience at a toolkit level while at the same time reducing bandwidth requirements by taking advantage of LEADís video and audio codecs. You can serve multimedia files using a standard IIS web server or with Microsoft Media server.

Developers can also use the Video Streaming Module to create a variety of Client/Server applications using several different configurations. For example, applications can be created where you have a single server sending audio/video to multiple clients, i.e. multicast or web cast for Web broadcasting. Additionally, security/surveillance applications can be created where you have multiple capture points sending video to a single source. Click here to see graphical representations of: Single Server/Multiple Clients, Single Client/Multiple Servers, or Traditional Video Conferencing.

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LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module Version 15
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