LEADTOOLS Plug-In for JPEG 2000 Compression/Decompression

From LEAD Technologies Inc.

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JPEG2000 is a new image-encoding standard that provides a feature set vital to many high end and emerging imaging applications. JPEG2000 provides high compression with image quality superior to all existing standard encoding techniques. This high compression and quality performance is due to the adaptation of wavelet transforms. Wavelet transforms are mathematical formulas that represent complex structures in the image, thereby compressing an extremely large amount of image data into a relatively small amount of compressed data. This compression technique allows applications to save compressed images with higher compression ratios and better image quality as compared to any other software currently in production.

JPEG2000 is a wavelet-based compression stored in a hierarchical format which contains several stored resolutions of the image in the same file without duplication. For that reason, a JPEG2000 compressed image can then be sent to a device in the resolution that best fits without additional storage overhead. LEAD Technologies has used its more than ten years in the imaging and compression developer toolkit marketplace to formulate a JPEG2000 product that offers developers the best JPEG2000 implementation available.

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LEADTOOLS JPEG 2000 Plug-In Version 15
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LEADTOOLS JPEG2000 Plug-In for Upgrade
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