iPod Nano

Apple’s 8GB and 16GB flash-drive iPod nano

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Apple’s iPod has revolutionized the way we buy and listen to music. You don’t have to buy a whole album, just to get the songs you really wanted. It’s like having a commercial-free radio station playing only the songs you choose…and they always take your requests! With the advent of the video iPod, you get the same chance with your favorite TV shows, movies, and podcasts. Whether you purchase programming from the iTunes store (just $1.99 per episode for TV programs!) or record it through your computer, it’s all right there in your pocket. The 3rd generation iPod nano’s slick click-wheel lets you navigate quickly to any of your videos, photos, music, e-books, calendar events, and contact database. The durable, touch-sensitive surface responds to your every whim, and gives you total control of the experience. No matter what you’re looking for, iPod makes it easy to get just what you want. Because it uses flash memory, it’s unaffected by vibrations, so it’s a perfect choice for the gym, motorcycling, or other active pursuits! The slim nano is housed in rugged aluminum, and gives you up to 24 hours of music playback, or 5 hours of video with sound on a single charge. Big things really do come in small packages!

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iPod Nano
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Ipod Nano, 8 GB Silver
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