iGrid ActiveX Control

Editable Grid with FlexGrid and ListView Functionality

From 10Tec Company

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iGrid ActiveX control is a grid control that allows you to edit its cells using built-in editors and can emulate the Outlook messages list. The highly optimized flicker-free display code makes this grid draw fast while it allows more sophisticated displays to be set up. It is also a good replacement for a ListView in report mode.

iGrid implements many useful features - multicolumn sorting, custom draw cells, saving and restoring its layout, own Memory Manager. Each cell of the grid can be formatted separately from other cells in the grid and even from the cells of the same column. Developers can use format strings, format flags (horizontal and vertical alignment, ellipsis at the end or at the middle of the cell text, if necessary, so that the result fits in the cell rectangle, prefix characters ("&") in the cell text, etc). Colors of iGrid elements can be adjusted. You can also turn off vertical and/or vertical or horizontal grid lines, use multiselect mode to select some cells simultaneously and row mode to select all cells in a single row, headers of columns may be flat or 3D and can be dragged or not, and so on.

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