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FuzzyDupes:COM allows you to extend your application with a fuzzy duplicate search function. This functionality will increase the worth of your application distinctly and it will be a new exclusive feature against your competitors. Most of your users will benefit from this.

FuzzyDupes:COM processes the data in memory and implements an intelligent procedure of Pattern-Matching, excellent in quality, selectivity and performance.

30.000 addresses can be processed in about 20 seconds. Even with 1 Mio. records are done in an acceptable amount of time on a standard PC. FuzzyDupes:COM considers all possible permutations of string-data and is suitable not only for address data.

FuzzyDupes:COM does not depend on a particular DBMS. The data is delivered in a Variant-Array and you get the results back in the same form. This all is done with just one function call. Another function provides you with more options for the search.

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Both Xtras.Net & VBXtras.com have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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FuzzyDupes:COM Version 5.1
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