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FlexLabel is an enhanced label control...way enhanced! You have complete control over everything including font, alignment, mouse-over effect, and angle of text, plus the best functionality is that it will automatically create a hyperlink based off of simple property settings. You can control whether a mouse click will link to email, a website, an FTP site, or user customizable link.

Along with the functionality of FlexLabel comes some of the easiest to use property pages ever seen in a control. We've even went so far as to create a interface which allows the user to graphically select the angle at which the caption will be displayed on the label, plus the ability to preview what the caption will look like using the selected font, color, shadow, and other properties.

Please Note:
Both Xtras.Net & VBXtras.com have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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Item Pricing and Availability for FlexLabel Version 1.1

FlexLabel Version 1.1
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
FlexLabel Single Developer
Vendor Download  0-1
200  $45   
FlexLabel Five Developer
Vendor Download  0-1
720  $157   
FlexLabel Ten Developer
Vendor Download  0-1
1800  $255   
FlexLabel Site Developer
Vendor Download  1-2
1520  $337