FaxMan Jr.

Lightweight ActiveX Controls for Fax Enabling Apps within Minutes

From Data Techniques, Inc.

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FaxMan Jr. is a lightweight 32 bit ActiveX COM object which provides complete fax send and receive support using industry standard class 1, 2 or 2.0 faxmodems. Using the FaxMan Jr. ActiveX controls, developers can add simple fax support to applications in minutes. If you dont need the logging and multi-modem support of our FaxMan SDK then be sure to check out FaxMan Jr.

.NET Compatible - includes sample .NET applications.

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Both Xtras.Net & VBXtras.com have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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Item Pricing and Availability for FaxMan Jr. Version 2.0

FaxMan Jr. Version 2.0
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
FaxMan Jr. Competitive Upgrade from Fax Plus/BlackIce
Xtras.Net 2 lbs  0-1
840  $170   
FaxMan Jr.
Xtras.Net 2 lbs  0-1
1880  $443   

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