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The new Klik! EditLib consists of 3 Com components (Klik! Validator, Klik! MultiCombo, Klik! OptionGroup) to help you to easily build professional data entry screens.Use Klik! Validator whenever you need a flexible and powerful textbox input validation.With Klik! MultiCombo,you'll have a powerfull and customizable multicolumn combobox control.And whenever you need grouped optionbuttons in your application,use Klik! OptionGroup control.

All controls in Klik! EditLib,except the Klik! MultiCombo control which requires at least a line of code,requires zero code to get worked.All the controls has it's own property pages to help you easily customize them in design-time and also has all the necessary methods to help you customize and configure them also in run-time...

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Item Pricing and Availability for Klik! EditLib Version 1.1

Klik! EditLib Version 1.1
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Klik! EditLib Single Developer License
Vendor Download  Same Biz Day  840  $80   
Klik! EditLib Four Developers License
Vendor Download  Same Biz Day  4240  $202   
Klik! EditLib Eight Developers License
Vendor Download  Same Biz Day  7600  $364   
Klik! EditLib Site License
Vendor Download  Same Biz Day  40320  $647