EasyMail .Net Verify

Verfiy email addresses one at a time or in bulk.

From Quiksoft Corporation

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Verify Your Email Address 

EasyMail.Net Verify will check the validity of any internet email addresses, giving you an easy way to clean your email address lists, and prevent bad addresses from getting on your lists in the first place.  Email addresses can be verified one at a time or in bulk.  You can even do real-time verification of email addresses entered on web forms.

Automatic Multilevel Verification 
Up to 5 levels of verification can be invoked including syntax, white lists, black lists, DNS and two types of actual probing SMTP connections.  Simply choose the which level and supply an email address.  It's that easy!

High-Performance Multithreaded Bulk Verification
Lighting fast multithreaded verification of an entire DataSet, DataTable, DataReader or IList with only one line of code.  You can even specify the maximum number of threads to allocate from the .Net thread pool.

DNS MX Record Lookups
Simply supply an email address or domain and EasyMail.Net Verify will return the DNS mail exchange information in an easy to use collection.

Please Note:
Both Xtras.Net & VBXtras.com have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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Item Pricing and Availability for EasyMail .Net Verify Version 1

EasyMail .Net Verify Version 1
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
EasyMail .Net Verify Computer License
Vendor Download  1-2
880  $126   
EasyMail .Net Verify Developer License
Vendor Download  1-2
1800  $254   
EasyMail .Net Verify Site License
Vendor Download  1-2
12600  $594   
EasyMail .Net Verify Unlimited Developer License
Vendor Download  1-2
42000  $991