Crystal Reports

Powerful Report Design and Integration

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Crystal Reports is an intuitive reporting toolkit that helps solve the challenges associated with presenting formatted data in web and Windows applications. It provides a fast, flexible way to access, format, and integrate dynamic data into J2EE and .NET applications for an interactive end user experience.

Crystal Reports is a powerful reporting toolkit that helps you design flexible, feature-rich reports. Its proven query technology gives you access to virtually any data source, including XML, OLAP, and enterprise data sources. Extensive formatting options deliver complete control over how the data is presented to your end users.

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Item Pricing and Availability for Crystal Reports Version 11

Crystal Reports Version 11
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
Crystal Reports Standard Edition
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
960  $184   
Crystal Reports Professional Edition Upgrade
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
1160  $244   
Crystal Reports Developer Edition Upgrade
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
1320  $298   
Crystal Reports Developer Edition Upgrade for .NET Bundle
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
1560  $298   
Crystal Reports Professional Edition
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
5760  $478   
Crystal Reports Developer Edition
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
6800  $585   
Crystal Reports Server with 5 CAL's
Xtras.Net 3 lbs  1-2
231680  $7,198