Compression Plus

ZIP Compatible Data Compression Tool

From BeCubed Software

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Compression Plus breaks new ground once again by being the first data compression toolkit on the market to support many other popular archive formats in addition to ZIP. You can now view and extract from archives that you are likely to encounter on the Internet, including ARC, ARK, PAK, ARJ, GZ, LBR, TAR, TAZ, TGZ, Z and ZOO files. You can also UUENCODE, UUDECODE, decode a Base64 file, decode a MIME attachment that uses Base64 encoding, and more!

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Compression Plus Version 5
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Compression Plus, Add-On
Xtras.Net Download  0-1
520  $74   
Compression Plus Pro Version/Competitive Upgrade ; Proof of Purchase Required)
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Compression Plus
Xtras.Net Download  Same Biz Day  4240  $296