TMS CETools for .NET

Component set for easy desktop PC to CE device connectivity & communications

From TMS Software

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11 Components to enable seamless connectivity between the desktop PC and Pocket PC devices
  • TCESystemInfo: retrieve system info
  • TCERegistry: read & write the Pocket PC registry
  • TCEFindFile: find files on the Pocket PC
  • TCEFileOperations: copy, move, delete file operations on Pocket PC and between Pocket PC and desktop PC + multi file copy between Pocket PC and desktop PC
  • TCEDatabaseOperations: convert/transfer Access MDB files to Pocket PC cdb files and vice versa
  • TCEDatabase: access to Pocket PC databases
  • TCEContacts: access to Pocket PC Contacts database
  • TCEAppointments: access to Pocket PC Appointments database
  • TCETasks: access to Pocket PC Tasks database
  • TCECategories: access to the Pocket PC category list
  • TCERunApp: start an application from the Desktop PC on the Pocket PC

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    Item Pricing and Availability for TMS CETools for .NET Version 1

    TMS CETools for .NET Version 1
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    CETools Single Developer License with Source Code
    Vendor Download  0-1
    280  $62   
    CETools Site License with Source Code
    Vendor Download  0-1
    1640  $341