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Advanced gradient color and translucency effects

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All Sides Tab Orientation with 90 Degrees Inward & Outward Caption Tilting
Arcadia PowerTab provides four tab orientations; top, right, left, and bottom. Left and right side tab buttons captions can be tilted tab captions 90 degrees inwards and outwards, for enhanced left and right tab side presentation.

Independent Corner Style Assignment with Flexible Level Adjustment
Arcadia PowerTab comes with four built-in tab button corners styles; square, rounded, cut, and in-round. These styles can be applied on each corner of every tab separately with flexible corner style resizing.

Built-in Appearances
Arcadia PowerTab comes with built-in Flat, 3D, 3D Light, and XP appearances that work under Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, and Vista. PowerTab highly customizable appearance enables you to set different gradient and solid colors, font styles.

Tab Body Corners Rounding
Add a stylish touch to your application with Arcadia PowerTab's body corners rounding look. You can apply this look on corners opposite to the tab buttons side. Body rounding level is highly flexible and can be easily adjusted by setting the rounding height and width size.

Bi-directional & Unicode Support with Right Alignment Option for Upper Tab Buttons
Arcadia PowerTab is designed to support bi-directional languages and Unicode character set. Additionally, Arcadia PowerTab's upper side buttons can be aligned to the right as well as the left.

Sound Effects
Arcadia PowerTab provides you with built-in sound effects that can be triggered when the mouse moves over a tab button You can also embed your own custom sound. The sound effect can be assigned for each tab separately.

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Arcadia PowerTab Version 1
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