Arcadia PowerRadio

Built-In and Resizable Radio Buttons and Tick Styles

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Built-in & Resizable Radio Buttons & Tick Styles
Add great looking user interface elements to your applications with Arcadia PowerRadio built-in Radio buttons and tick styles. In addition to three basic radio buttons styles: Square, Rounded, and Diamond, PowerRadio comes with eight tick styles. Also, radio buttons and ticks are resizable between the ranges of 10 and 255 with the ability to change the radio button border and tick colors under different states.

Appearances & Corners Rounding & Slanting

Arcadia PowerRadio comes with several built-in appearances, including XP, 3D, Flat, XP When Mouse Over, and 3D When Mouse Over. These appearances can be applied under Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and Vista. Additionally, you can apply a stylish three level corner rounding and slanting effect to your PowerRadio frame. Rounded corners are anti-aliased under XP appearance for enhanced graphical presentation.

Picture Embedding with Animation Option

Arcadia PowerRadio enables you to display a picture along with the radio button and caption in any sequence you choose. You can also show different pictures under different states, including when the radio button is checked and unchecked. Furthermore, you can enhance your user's interaction experience with your application using Arcadia PowerRadio's ability to show GIF animation pictures.

Gradient Color Generator
Arcadia PowerRadio comes with advanced built-in gradient color effects generator that can be applied to the PowerRadio frame and the radio button. You can generate horizontal, vertical, diagonal up, diagonal down, corner, and XP (style 1 and 2) gradients with four variants for each gradient.

Translucency Effects
Arcadia PowerRadio built-in translucency feature enables you to set full translucency or background only to the PowerRadio object with the option to apply different translucency levels all the way from opaque to transparent.

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Arcadia PowerRadio Version 1
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