Mono ListView

Displays a list of items in various ways.

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ListView displays a list of items in various ways. The items that are displayed in the list can be shown in one of three different views. Items can be displayed as large icons, or as small icons in a vertical / horizontal list. Items can also have subitems which contain information that is related to the parent item.

The details view style, allows you to display the item and its subitems in a grid with column headers that identify the information being displayed in a subitem. The ListView can display check boxes, using the CheckBoxes property, to allow the user to check the items that they want to perform an action on.

You can use the ListView control in a variety of ways. The control can be used to display information from an application, a database, or a text file. The ListView can also be used to obtain information from the user, such as selecting a set of objects to process.

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Mono ListView Version 1
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