Kingston MicroSD Flash Card

Kingston MicroSD Flash Card

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The Kingston USB microSD Memory Card Reader and 2GB micro SD Card is made to fit seamlessly into your digital lifestyle. Combine it with a microSD card and you've got the best mobile gear to go with your phone. This mobile ready bundle allows you to eliminate the need to carry additional USB transfer cables and the typical wait for Bluetooth technology slow file transfers between phones and PCs. It also replaces your SD card adapter since the microSD card fits directly into the reader. When in use, the microSD Card Reader appears as a drive letter (i.e. E:) and data transfer is as simple as drag and drop. Use the Reader with the included Kingston 2GB microSD card and you'll have the storage capacity to do a variety of helpful transfers or acquire content to side load to your phone. It's stylish, lightweight, and an ideal storage accessory.

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Kingston MicroSD Flash Card
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Kingston 1GB MicroSD Flash Card w/adapter
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