ImageMan DLL Suite

For adding sophisticated image processing and scanner support to your Windows applications

From Data Techniques, Inc.

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The ImageMan DLL Suite® is a set of 32 bit libraries for adding sophisticated image processing and scanner support to your Windows applications. The ImageMan DLLs are optimized for Windows and include high performance support for loading, saving, displaying, printing, converting and processing images in the most common raster and vector formats.

While some library vendors think more properties are better, our API which has evolved over the last 10 years provides a compact yet powerful set of properties, methods and events. While our high level functions make it easy to create 'image enabled' applications in minutes, our low level functions give you total control over image processing. ImageMan's modular architecture also allows you to ship only the import/export filters that you need with your application, allowing you to save disk space. Also, you can create your own import/export filters for proprietary formats.Our continuing commitment to ImageMan assures you of future releases including increased performance and support for new image formats. Our dedicated support staff will also be here if you have any questions about ImageMan or how to best use it in your application.

ImageMan products are currently being used in thousands of market leading applications including products from Corel, Lexmark, Lotus, Approach Software, Zylab, MySoftware, Parsons Technologies, Ace Software, Traffic Software, Kidasa Software, DataEase International and many others. If these leading software developers have chosen ImageMan, isn't it worthwhile for you to check us out?

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