A .NET 1.1 assembly collection of several useful controls for use in a Windows Forms

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FormsUI is a .NET 1.1 assembly collection of several useful controls for use in a Windows Forms environment. With the purchase of a valid license, all the controls have royalty-free distribution with your compiled application. FormsUI contains the following controls:

Tired of the boring button control that comes with Visual Basic.NET? Now you can replace it with our CoolButton control with multiple styles and configurations that mimic the more user-firendly buttons seen in the MS Office(tm) products. CoolButton has many styles including toolbar button, OfficeXP, standard, and hover. It supports transparency, and can also be configured to show a button with an extra drop down button, allowing multiple things to be accomplished by using the same control. This is a port of our VB6 version.

One of the controls that used to be included with Visual Basic 6, but was not ported to .NET was the line control. CoolLine is the .NET replacement for that control. It can either display as FixedSingle or Fixed3D and has a vertical or horizontal orientation.

PanelMeter is a .NET control which can behave like a 3D panel, a frame container, or a progress meter. This is a port from our VB6 version.

Toolbox is a control which can mimic the look and feel of multiple types of side-bar type controls: the toolbox control which is part the .NET IDE, an Outlook style sidebar control, and an Outlook-Wide style sidebar control. 

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