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File Downloader is unique mass download solution for your sites. It enables end-users to download multiple files from your site with just few clicks. They click a button integrated into your HTML page (ActiveX control), select the destination folder, and start download. Users can control the list of files to download, observe a progress of download process, and even skip certain files during download. When download completes, users can see a log file.

File Downloader has a range of features that can be appreciated at its true worth by creators of online file storage systems possibility to preserve folder structure, appearance customizability, localization support, rich client-side API, and others. It can be used with any server platform, such as ASP.NET, PHP, ASP, and others.

Now you can forget about clumsy download solutions as ZIP files, standalone download applications, or (even worse) a set of links for each file. User-friendly mass download becomes reality, not a dream.

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Both Xtras.Net & have ceased operations and as such cannot supply you with this product.

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Item Pricing and Availability for File Downloader Version 1

File Downloader Version 1
Item# Description Delivered Weight Avail? DevRewardsPrice Buy
File Downloader, Single Domain
Xtras.Net Download Same Biz Day 1200 $119
File Downloader, Single IP
Xtras.Net Download Same Biz Day 8000 $399