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Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms  Rating=3.00 out of 5 stars

Built with user experience in mind, NetAdvantage for Windows Forms uses innovative technology to allow the developer to focus on the business logic, and dramatically reduces or eliminates the development time spent on the application styling.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms provides every essential UI component needed to build and style commercial-class application for Windows Forms, including grids, scheduling, charting, gauges, toolbars, ribbon, menus, listbars, trees, tabs, explorer bars, desktop alerts, UI and editors. Our innovative Application Styling Framework™ is included with this product for the most rapid, polished application styling experience in the industry. Create stunning data visualization with our charts and gauges, and deliver professional executive reports with the Document Export Engine, and import/export to Excel functionality.

Scheduling Products
ActiveWebControls  (.Net/Component/Scheduling)
- UI suite of web application tools
- From $374 to $2498

Calendar Tools  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- Calendaring Functionality Made Easy
- From $141 to $971

Calendar Tools for .NET  (.Net/Component/Scheduling)
- Offers A Variety of Calendar Options to Fit Your .NET Design Needs
- From $386 to $1193

Calendar Widgets  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- Calendar Custom Control
- $251

Codejock Xtreme CalendarPro 
- Manage appointments and arrange them by day, week, work week, or month.
- From $57.96 to $1251.6

Enterprise Developer Toolbox  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- All of FarPoint
- $809.51

FarPoint's Calendar ObjX  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- Calendar and Scheduling Controls
- From $63.35 to $200.5

Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms  Rating=3.00 out of 5 stars (.Net/ActiveX/Component/ASP.Net/Scheduling)
- Powering the Presentation Layer with NetAdvantage 2008
- From $336 to $1096

OLETools  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- A Comprehensive Set of 32-bit ActiveX Controls
- From $195.5 to $279.5

- An All-in-One ASP.NET Scheduler
- $587

Solutions::PIM Professional  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- Appointment and Resource Scheduling at it
- From $522 to $2147

Solutions::Schedule  (ActiveX/Component/Scheduling)
- Visual Scheduling Components for Professional Developers
- From $465 to $778