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Top Rated of the Other UI Components

MetaDraw  Rating=5.00 out of 5 stars
MetaDraw is a plug-in component solution to the rather complicated problem of implementing high performance drawing in your VB applications. MetaDraw is a special purpose picturebox/image editing tool that offers unique support for the creation, editing and display of MetaFiles, which are smaller than Bitmaps and resolution- and device-independent.. It is specially designed to allow you to tag individual graphic objects for Hypergraphic/HotSpot applications and makes creating interactive graphic interfaces as easy as can be!

Other UI Products
Actipro Wizard Control  Rating=5.00 out of 5 stars (.Net/Component/Other UI)
- 100%-native .NET Control to Easily Create Wizards within the Visual Studio .NET Designer
- From $29.5 to $1696.5

ActiveThreed Plus  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Add the Excitement of the Internet to your Applications
- $251

Codejock Xtreme PropertyGrid  (.Net/ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Sophisticated VS.NET-style Property Grid
- From $57.96 to $1251.6

Data Widgets  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Advanced Database Components for Visual Basic
- $336

Designer Widgets  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Adds Graphic Pizzaz to Visual Basic Programs
- $251

Digital  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Add Digital Counters, Timers and Display Capabilities to Your Application
- From $45 to $337.5

Enterprise Developer Toolbox  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- All of FarPoint
- $809.51

FastForm  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Resize and Form Design Control
- From $81 to $607.5

MetaDraw  Rating=5.00 out of 5 stars (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Special-purpose Object-oriented Image Manipulation Control
- From $170 to $850

PanelMeter  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- From $45 to $337.5

PickList  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- From $45 to $337.5

RichHelpTip  (.Net/Component/Other UI)
- Fully-integrated context-sensitive online help for ASP.NET
- $276

TBack Pro  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Scrollable Container Control
- $127.5

THBCoolCaption  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Design and use the Caption Bar of your forms as YOU want!
- $84.15

Tometa WhereIs 
- The Internet's telephone directory.
- From $25 to $535

- Signature Capture component
- $0

Xceed SmartUI for VB6  (ActiveX/Component/Other UI)
- Master UI Development with Powerful Visual Controls
- From $540 to $1035