Image Acquisition Components

Top Rated of the Image Acquisition Components

ImagXpress Standard  Rating=2.00 out of 5 stars
ImagXpress Standard is ideal for color image processing and offers a solid set of basic image viewing, printing and TWAIN scanning features. ImagXpress Standard delivers Pegasus Imaging's basic color imaging technology as .NET and COM controls for integration within visual development environments. Developers can build applications with image viewing, editing, printing, TWAIN scanning, file format conversion, and more. A comprehensive set of image processing functions is provided and over 30 file formats are supported, with the fastest processing speeds available.

ImagXpress Standard does not include multi-page PDF and TIFF support, TIFF/EXIF tag handling, advanced document image cleanup features, advanced photo imaging support, thumbnail image support, annotation capabilities, or advanced printing capabilities beyond Internet Explorer. Although ImagXpress Standard does not include the PrintPRO for advanced printing capabilities, basic printing features are included within ImagXpress.

ImagXpress Standard also provides crop, rotate, retention of image transparency, multiple image scaling algorithms, advanced scrollbar, auto size, and merging capabilities. JBIG2, JPEG 2000, Lossless JPEG, JPEG-LS, and WSQ compression are available as add on technologies to ImagXpress.

Image Acquisition Products
CapturePRO  (.Net/ActiveX/Component/Image Acquisition)
- The Image & Video Acquisition Toolkit
- From $21 to $375

ImageMan.Net Twain  (.Net/Component/Image Acquisition)
- Fully control Twain compliant scanners and cameras
- From $283 to $566

ImagXpress Document  (.Net/ActiveX/Component/Image Acquisition)
- Serious Imaging - Without Complications
- From $38 to $1414

ImagXpress Photo  (.Net/ActiveX/Component/Image Acquisition)
- The Comprehensive Photo Imaging Toolkit
- From $935 to $2080

ImagXpress Standard  Rating=2.00 out of 5 stars (.Net/ActiveX/Component/Image Acquisition)
- Serious Imaging - Without Complications
- From $32.46 to $499

THBTwain  (.Net/ActiveX/Component/Image Acquisition)
- Easily integrate TWAIN image acquisition from scanner or digital camera into your applications
- From $169.15 to $637.5