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ActiveOptimizer Professional Bundle  Rating=5.00 out of 5 stars
ActiveOptimizer Suite contains four professional tools (pdProfiler2, pdGuideBook2, pdAddin2 and pdSpeed DLL) in one integrated package specifically created to improve the development process and results of professional Visual Basic developers. pdProfiler2 features execution comparisons, call stack tracing, code coverage analysis, remote collection capability, and much more. pdGuideBook2 contains over 20 categories with 200+ optimization tips and techniques that are complete with detailed explanations, risk assessments, impact analysis, and examples. pdAddin2 focuses on simplifying the programming chores you have to deal with constantly, such as error handling and commenting. pdAddin2 provides a highly customizable tool to automate adding error handling and commenting, plus a few additional select productivity tools. pdSpeed DLL contains a collection of extremely useful and practical classes that provide common functionality such as complete registry access, string manipulation, common dialog support (API), file and directory routines, and more!

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ActiveOptimizer Professional Bundle  Rating=5.00 out of 5 stars (ActiveX/Tool/Code Library)
- Say Goodbye to Slow Code
- $383

Total .NET SourceBook  (.Net/Tool/Code Library)
- Royalty-free .NET Code Library
- From $179.1 to $1438.62

VBeXpress Lite  (ActiveX/Component/Code Library)
- The Expressway to Visual Basic Application Development
- $62